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"Monster Track" started with an idea from Johnny "SNAKE" Carolino
a New York City bicycle messenger in 2000. To have an Alleycat
Race with only fixed gear bicycles. A popular bicycle that was gaining
traction among bicycle messengers because of the bikes ability to reach
speeds quickly and to maneuver the bicycle in traffic with the flexibility of
carrying packages in custom made messenger bags while riding at incredible

Nevertheless the Alleycat Race is a non-sanction bicycle race set-up as
a bicycle messenger working day with a manifest with pick ups and
deliveries that were called checkpoints.

Each year the "Monster Track" race would grow with more riders and sponsors
the organizers, Jc Ramirez and Victor Ouma. gave the race it's directions.

Little did Monster Track organizers know that bicycle riders from all over the
world would be inspire to ride fixed gear bicycles and even adopted to wearing
messenger style apparel including carrying authentic messenger bags and
having Alleycat Races in there city.

Today there are fixed gear bicycle boutique shops and other
streetwear retailers all over the world selling the culture of the
messenger. "Monster Track" is the bicycle messenger race and
movement that help inspired it all.

Kurt Boone
NYC Messenger